"name": "Alex Gravely",
  "description": "Freelance and Professional Full-Stack Developer",
  "age": 27,
  "location": "Roanoke, VA",
  "portfolio": [
  "contact_info": {
    "email": "antitcb@gmail.com",
    "discord": "AntiTcb#0001",
    "github": "https://github.com/AntiTcb",
    "linkedIn": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/antitcb/"
  "trivia": {
    "favourites": {
      "animal": "Penguin",
      "anime": [
        "Seven Deadly Sins",
        "Attack on Titan",
        "Dragon Ball",
        "Soul Eater",
        "Death Note"
      "car": "Chevrolet Volt",
      "shows": [
        "Bojack Horseman",
        "Avatar the Last Airbender",
        "The Umbrella Academy",
        "The Good Place",
        "Parks & Recreation",
        "The Office"
      "editor": "Visual Studio Code",
      "food": "Filet mignon, medium rare",
      "movies": [
        "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse",
        "Spider-Man: No Way Home",
        "Dragon Ball Super: Broly"
      "restaurant": "Chick-Fil-A",
      "tea": "Constant Comment by Bigelow",
      "video_games": [
        "World of Warcraft",
        "League of Legends",
        "Old School RuneScape",
        "Team Fortress 2"
    "dislikes": [
      "Using tab as your indentation",